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20170912_183906.jpg(I have since revised my thinking on my blog. I will feature makeup and beauty products of Avon, but others as well. I will compare on occasion. Don’t get me wrong I love my Avon, but there is many products that we don’t carry and I want to share those as well. Besides that I am also a MUA so I can’t just use one brand of makeup. We all have our favorites.

So with that being said, I will be talking about many different makeup brands, beauty skin care brands, false lashes, tools, makeup kits, makeup cases, and accessories that one  may need to be a MUA. I will post pics of looks and such. I will also link You Tube Tutorials once I get that started. But for now I am getting loads of things organized and needing to take loads of pics for future postings.

Meanwhile I am also working part-time and trying to complete the last part of my MUA class and working on Medical Billing and Coding classes. So one can see that I am quite busy. Plus grandkids, stepsons, hubby, my grown kids and car issues. Don’t get me started on that one. Three cars in like 4 1/2 months.)


This Blog was started so I could share my views on Avon products, so my friends, family, customers and others could see the way Avon products work. So I could share my successes and my make up makeovers as well. I want to bring everyones inside beauty to the surface to share with the world.

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  1. Updated the first post as things have evolved already with what I wish to accomplish with my blog. So please read and know that you can expect me to talk about any brand of makeup, I will not push my Avon e-store down your throats. You can visit it if you like and want to. There is always good deals and we do have awesome makeup and skin care products. Shit I like the clothing,shoes and jewelry we have as well. I had to pack more of my clothes into containers and switch out seasons to fit my stuff in there, because I kept buying dresses this year. LMAO. Anyways I wanted to update and will be putting more images up with some postings too. Check out my Instagram profile too as I will be posting things there as well. See you guys around.


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