I am a Makeup Addict

I will freely admit that I am an addict of makeup. Is there a 12 Step Program for that? I think not and I wouldn't attend. Why, because to me doing makeup is another form of ART and I have always been an artist in some form of medium. Now it is more with makeup... Continue Reading →

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Luck changes as fast as a Rainbow disappears…

Not often that I catch a rainbow with my camera, this one I almost didn't catch a few years back. I pulled off the road and took a picture before it disappeared. Before I caught this, it was a double rainbow but the other had faded away before I caught it. Reason why I decided... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon…

Updated pictures of my professional kit and my personal makeup. Now some of my eyeshadows are professional only and some personal only. But some are both, as I disinfect my palettes before the shoots and after I get home as well. I know that now my bed couldn't hold all my makeup that is in... Continue Reading →

Oh my goddess what a weekend

I finally got a taste of what it is like to hurry but try and do the makeup real good for a photo shoot. We were shooting a Calendar this past Saturday and we were suppose to get access to the two hotel suites a few hours early. Instead we got access to one of... Continue Reading →

Shop Hush buys.

Vibrant colors on the After Shock, love the metallics and the mattes are great too. The After Hours one is great for day and evening, just depends on the shades that you use. Palettes that I ordered a few months ago from Shop Hush. I was waiting for the two Bad Habit palettes to be... Continue Reading →

Waiting waiting and waiting

Do you ever want to strangle or stalk the mail person. I order regularly from several places, so it's not like they haven't delivered these packages before. I have a Miss A package that was supposed to be delivered on the 5th of June. I kept tracking it and it was out for delivery that... Continue Reading →

The Addiction continues…

(this was wrote October the 22, 2017, meant to publish it and had technical difficulties) As you can see from my Instagram pics I have been busy either buying from local stores or ordering and winning by bids from eBay. I also have received my three membership deluxe samples and full size items from Ipsy,... Continue Reading →

Changed my Blog Style

Seeing as I am starting to take my studies more serious and working on makeup looks and collaborations on IG more with friends. I decided to change the styles, as I wanted something fresh and new. Wanted to have more images to use and different ways to write on my blog. Some entries will be... Continue Reading →

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