Didn’t forget, and update

About the makeup haul, just had too much going on at once past few days. I am gathering the stuff tomorrow after I get back from my doctors. Having a procedure done on my back to minimize the pain I feel daily, hopefully it works so I can be more active. Since I will likely be sore and not running errands like always. I should have plenty of time to take some pictures and post them on my blog here.

Working on getting stuff ready to do some video tutorials and whatnot. I came up with a list of videos to do and also list of things I can blog about as well. So that I won’t have erratic post. I wanted to update so that those that few, don’t think I am just a random poster, I am really wanting to share my knowledge and make a go of this.

See you peeps tomorrow with pics and info on the Makeup Haul

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