Oh my goddess what a weekend

I finally got a taste of what it is like to hurry but try and do the makeup real good for a photo shoot. We were shooting a Calendar this past Saturday and we were suppose to get access to the two hotel suites a few hours early. Instead we got access to one of them two hours late. Then about 30 minutes later we get a call telling us they had another suite ready. I went down with the coordinator to be the “bitch,” and get us a discount for the time wasted.

They tried to give us a suite across the parking lot and we were in the back of the courtyard in our first suite. We were like we can’t have models dressed in scantly outfits and in this blistering heat walking over a block away to the other suite. Their faces would melt and we would get called on for indecent exposure. The lady tried to argue with us, we were like give us a smaller room, not a suite and in the same courtyard as the one we are in. She finally got us in a room below us and I was able to get set up.

Then the pressure was on, because we were two hours behind and we had some people that had to leave within the hour. So I set my makeup up and started on the models. And as I am half way through with first model I have one of the guys asking constantly if the model is ready yet. I was like I just got her a bit ago because she was getting hair done. I almost threatened to stick one of my makeup brushes somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine. Thankfully we are all also friends and he would have laughed it off.

I did three full faces and one redo creation of eye look for same model for a different look. Helped with lashes on our main head lady and of course had to get makeup on myself and into my RenFest Style outfit of short skirt, camisole style cream shirt and my brown and black corset. Find someone that is able to tighten a corset well and boy is it hard to move in it when it is done right. But you look damn good in it and my chest wasn’t looking like it was lost in the corset.

Everyone was happy at the end of the shoot and all went well. Except that me and my hubby have to redo our pics as some came out too blurry and they need redone. So this weekend we get to get all dressed up and do this again.

I was flustered and felt like I was three steps behind every time I had a model in the chair. Two ladies I forgot to take a before photo of, then two I forgot to have sign photo releases so I can use them in my portfolio. I was able to get their signature but one I got her to send me a before picture with no makeup. I need to contact another model and see if she can do the same things. I was so flustered and the schedule we had set up for photos was shot to heck and I was trying to figure out who I do first and after each one so I was getting them done in the order they needed.

So checked in around 5p.m. and didn’t leave until little after 1 a.m. Got home and had to unload the backseat with my makeup in it, as it was still humid as heck and wasn’t allowing my makeup to melt. We also had to keep the car running from 3-5 p.m. as part of my makeup would have been a melted mess. I need to invest in some small cooler packs and use those for my cream products in the summer or I might loss inventory.

This was an unpaid gig, but I got photos for three models and myself from earlier in the day. I will be posting them on my social media soon. I know I can do better and it was because I was rushed that I can see where I messed up at. I will do better next time.

On a good note, I now have a makeup chair with a cushion. But it only holds like 300 lbs but it will hold more than that. I do have plans to buy another one that has a higher weight limit as I have several friends that exceed my chair limit. I also have a new 4 foot table for my makeup and yet it seems too small. But I will learn to narrow the essentials down but I did for this one and still had to much. I also didn’t know what all looks I was going to be doing on each one.

I also bought two makeup carry cases, one arrived in time for the shoot and the other is arriving this week. I also got my makeup brush waist belt, didn’t use it this weekend but plan to with some more practice models. One one case that came, was a nice large hot pink slotted case with three layers. Nice long arm strap as well. The other one is black and has a top compartment and trays on the lower area. These will be great for when I have one or two customers that day and can pack light.

Okay so I got more practice in on my looks and know what I need to do to help and improve them. Going to be working on my Unit B, so I can turn it in and get my “A” and move on to Unit C. I want to get this one done and start on another course that I am signed up for. Off to bed, makeup look in the morning and then work. Ugh, I feel like a taxi driver sometimes. It’s all good.

(sorry for the rambling and jumping around topic. I will get better with this)

Makeup by TJ Snyder

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