oops, time lost and not found…

Is it me or does life get in the way of what little free time you have these days. My free time in the past 6 months has been taken up by work when we became short staffed by two people that quit within two weeks time. One without any notice, and the other one gave us like a weeks notice. We were already a bit shorthanded, so I went from being a part-time worker to working over 40 hours some weeks.

Now that might now be bad for some of you, but for someone with chronic health issues that isn’t good. I suffer with arthritis in my left knee, (right knee was replaced but still has arthritis in that leg itself), in both my hips, my back and my hands, and a bit in my right shoulder. I also have sciatica issues which really sucks when you stand all day and cannot sit down at your job. Add high blood pressure to that and acid reflux makes for fun times. The stress was not fun for me for several months.

Then in late October, my moms health was declining and I took her to urgent care. I was working so much that I wasn’t noticing that she was getting really thin, that she was not telling us she had fell more than she really was. That her muscle mass in her body was diminishing. Urgent care looked her over briefly and told us to head straight to the ER.

As we are heading there, she smoked a cigarette before we left Urgent Care parking lot, but she says to me in the car, “aren’t we going to stop and get my cigarettes before we go?” I was like “nope, let’s see what the docs say first.” Well mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, high cholesterol, and she had suffered from several mini strokes as well. That was why she was having trouble with her balance and stuff.

The doctors were like we are keeping you a few days and running test, because at that point they only knew she had high blood pressure and untreated diabetes and cholesterol was out of whack. She replies, “but I don’t want to,” I started laughing and was like “if you want to get better you really don’t have a choice mom.” The ER doctor told me they were going to transfer her to another hospital and run more test as well there. I was like okay, and talked to her a bit and headed home to get the stuff she wanted for the next few days. Then to find out which of the two hospitals they were sending her to.

She came home after 3 and half days in the hospital, but she was a fall risk, we needed to get her a cane and find my old walker. She couldn’t take the steps so her bedroom became the living room. We had to buy new foods for her and us, we needed to change the diet of the household to some degree. New medicines, new schedules, Physical therapy appointments, doctors appointments, follow up with stroke doctor. My days off became days running errands and playing taxi driver. I cut my hours at work a bit to do this, but we were still short staffed. Mom started getting better, and is now doing much much better. But it took like 4 months, and she still isn’t 100% but is much much better.

Meanwhile while taking care of her, I let my health slide as I was always worried about getting her medicines picked up and her stuff, that I would forget to take some of my meds. I wasn’t going to the doctors because when we lost the employees and I started working more, I lost the medical insurance that I had that covered my visits and my prescriptions. I suddenly made too much money for it, but still couldn’t afford the health insurance state affordable programs that they have.

So I didn’t go to the doctors, until less than a month ago I had to go to the ER because my inner thigh, near the groin area was numb and the occasional nerve shooting pain in my leg. My leg buckled before work shift and I was like I am done, going to the ER. I was diagnosed with Meralgia paresthetica. Was told some exercises to do, gave me a few days off to relax it and that it should works itself out with in a few months. It is still numb, and still there.

Then I had an abscess develop behind a tooth and was developing a sore throat as well, went to the ER. The doctor thought I was just getting bronchitis and it was still early, he wasn’t believing me about the pain on the left side of my mouth and that the access kept shifting around behind my tooth, to the glands under my tongue and back and forth. Until I went a few days later to another one and she seen the swollen gland behind the tooth and was like it is probably just fluid, it doesn’t look like an abscess.

So I was like go ahead and poke it with a needle, I am fine with that. (I have had abscesses previously when I had loads of teeth issues years ago) So I knew that this was one even though they didn’t believe me. She and a nurse made sure I kept my mouth open and tongue out of the way. She was like I can’t numb you, so please don’t bite my fingers. I was like I have tattoos, I think I can handle you stabbing with quickly with a needle. She poked it once and was like nothing yet, and then poked another spot and was like, oh boy, you were right and they started shoving gauze into my mouth to soak the stuff up. I was like with my mouth open and them trying to get more gauze out and ready, I was like, “I told you all so, and the other doctor.”

I felt much better after without all the pressure on my mouth and some pain medicine and numbing mouth wash. She gave me stronger antibiotics too. Still need to schedule a dentist appointment but I am feeling better finally.

But with all this going on, I am behind with taking pictures of stuff, and writing of course. I have slacked on this blog and my other one.

I did finally cut my hours at work to give myself a bit more rest and get healthy again. Meanwhile trying to get health insurance again, get to dentist and get to feeling 100% again. I am also going to be hard core looking for another job as I can’t keep working on my feet much longer, it is just making my issues worse. So I need to go get a new SSN card, as mine has disappeared in this house since we moved in. I have looked everywhere and no card. So wish me luck on that one.

I know that was a long one but I wanted to explain my disappearance. Family and health issues have taken up my time. Plus I still play taxi to part of the family, and some of my family always needing a helping hand from us and makes for tight money issues too.

Now some makeup goodies.


Finally a few months back I bought the real JH palette, as I had previously gotten one on Amazon and after when I received it realized it was a fake. It was alright but the half the shades were slightly different. So I bought the real one and then also bought her new Vault collection too, but two here and then one and then the last one. I should have gotten them all at once. I will find the pics of those and post them soon.


The Fire and Ice Collection from Wet n Wild. Free brush, Fire Zodiac highlighter and Siren’s Jewel from Midnight Mermaid collection. I love Wet n Wild. So affordable and great products for drug store brands.

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