Oh my goddess what a weekend

I finally got a taste of what it is like to hurry but try and do the makeup real good for a photo shoot. We were shooting a Calendar this past Saturday and we were suppose to get access to the two hotel suites a few hours early. Instead we got access to one of them two hours late. Then about 30 minutes later we get a call telling us they had another suite ready. I went down with the coordinator to be the “bitch,” and get us a discount for the time wasted.

They tried to give us a suite across the parking lot and we were in the back of the courtyard in our first suite. We were like we can’t have models dressed in scantly outfits and in this blistering heat walking over a block away to the other suite. Their faces would melt and we would get called on for indecent exposure. The lady tried to argue with us, we were like give us a smaller room, not a suite and in the same courtyard as the one we are in. She finally got us in a room below us and I was able to get set up.

Then the pressure was on, because we were two hours behind and we had some people that had to leave within the hour. So I set my makeup up and started on the models. And as I am half way through with first model I have one of the guys asking constantly if the model is ready yet. I was like I just got her a bit ago because she was getting hair done. I almost threatened to stick one of my makeup brushes somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine. Thankfully we are all also friends and he would have laughed it off.

I did three full faces and one redo creation of eye look for same model for a different look. Helped with lashes on our main head lady and of course had to get makeup on myself and into my RenFest Style outfit of short skirt, camisole style cream shirt and my brown and black corset. Find someone that is able to tighten a corset well and boy is it hard to move in it when it is done right. But you look damn good in it and my chest wasn’t looking like it was lost in the corset.

Everyone was happy at the end of the shoot and all went well. Except that me and my hubby have to redo our pics as some came out too blurry and they need redone. So this weekend we get to get all dressed up and do this again.

I was flustered and felt like I was three steps behind every time I had a model in the chair. Two ladies I forgot to take a before photo of, then two I forgot to have sign photo releases so I can use them in my portfolio. I was able to get their signature but one I got her to send me a before picture with no makeup. I need to contact another model and see if she can do the same things. I was so flustered and the schedule we had set up for photos was shot to heck and I was trying to figure out who I do first and after each one so I was getting them done in the order they needed.

So checked in around 5p.m. and didn’t leave until little after 1 a.m. Got home and had to unload the backseat with my makeup in it, as it was still humid as heck and wasn’t allowing my makeup to melt. We also had to keep the car running from 3-5 p.m. as part of my makeup would have been a melted mess. I need to invest in some small cooler packs and use those for my cream products in the summer or I might loss inventory.

This was an unpaid gig, but I got photos for three models and myself from earlier in the day. I will be posting them on my social media soon. I know I can do better and it was because I was rushed that I can see where I messed up at. I will do better next time.

On a good note, I now have a makeup chair with a cushion. But it only holds like 300 lbs but it will hold more than that. I do have plans to buy another one that has a higher weight limit as I have several friends that exceed my chair limit. I also have a new 4 foot table for my makeup and yet it seems too small. But I will learn to narrow the essentials down but I did for this one and still had to much. I also didn’t know what all looks I was going to be doing on each one.

I also bought two makeup carry cases, one arrived in time for the shoot and the other is arriving this week. I also got my makeup brush waist belt, didn’t use it this weekend but plan to with some more practice models. One one case that came, was a nice large hot pink slotted case with three layers. Nice long arm strap as well. The other one is black and has a top compartment and trays on the lower area. These will be great for when I have one or two customers that day and can pack light.

Okay so I got more practice in on my looks and know what I need to do to help and improve them. Going to be working on my Unit B, so I can turn it in and get my “A” and move on to Unit C. I want to get this one done and start on another course that I am signed up for. Off to bed, makeup look in the morning and then work. Ugh, I feel like a taxi driver sometimes. It’s all good.

(sorry for the rambling and jumping around topic. I will get better with this)

Makeup by TJ Snyder


Shop Hush buys.

Vibrant colors on the After Shock, love the metallics and the mattes are great too. The After Hours one is great for day and evening, just depends on the shades that you use.

Palettes that I ordered a few months ago from Shop Hush. I was waiting for the two Bad Habit palettes to be back in stock. They finally were and I snatched them up fast before they ran out again. After Hours and After Shock are great palettes, the She one is a very neutral shade palette and so so on pigmentation. The Retro Love has some good shades but also has some patchy ones that work better when wet.

Picked up some Eyebrow Wax and lavender corrector to see how well LA Colors one works for me.

Waiting waiting and waiting

Do you ever want to strangle or stalk the mail person. I order regularly from several places, so it’s not like they haven’t delivered these packages before. I have a Miss A package that was supposed to be delivered on the 5th of June. I kept tracking it and it was out for delivery that day. Then it didn’t come. The next day it says sorry your package is delayed and (please be patient). Then today I try to track it again because I talked to the post person today and he was like I don’t have your package in my vehicle and said it that it was strange too.

So get off tonight and look at the tracking on the package. They put in there that they had tried to deliver package but there wasn’t a secure location. I share a porch with another neighbor and the mail person and USPS or FEDEX they all either put it in the door, or in front of the door and mailbox. They ring the doorbell and leave.

Now someone is always home at my house, especially during the day. They said they left a notice today. No they didn’t because I talked to the USPS person and they didn’t have a package.

So I wrote out a redelivery form, made sure that they address was correct and also put in the comment section, that they did not leave a notice on my door and rewrote the address down for them. Told them to ring the doorbell or knock, that someone is home. To put it in front of the door or mailbox which is right by the door.

I have other packages coming now too. A few subscription boxes but I have been waiting for this one since early this week. Ordered it last week. I know I am inpatient but I get a little peeved when the tracking says a certain date and it is in my city and yet for several days I have not received it.

All I can say is it better be here tomorrow or heads will roll at the post office when I get ahold of them on the phone. Don’t mess with a woman’s makeup, beauty care products and her hard earned money.

Okay now for sleep so tomorrow gets here faster. Night everyone!

The Addiction continues…

(this was wrote October the 22, 2017, meant to publish it and had technical difficulties)

As you can see from my Instagram pics I have been busy either buying from local stores or ordering and winning by bids from eBay. I also have received my three membership deluxe samples and full size items from Ipsy, Birchbox and BoxyCharm. I have gotten loads of awesome goodies. Been wearing them to work throughout last week and this week. But I run out of time to take a picture in the morning when the makeup looks fresh. Trust me we don’t want a pick of me after working because I have sweated or wore some of it off. My work is generally really warm and I end up wiping some of it off of my face. Thankfully I remember to take a lipstick or two and reapply it. But I have to make sure that my eyeliner is not making me look like a raccoon or mascara. I get to see if they are really waterproof.

I have received loads of eBay orders this week that I now have July, August, September and a combo of other monthly samples that came with two Ipsy bags too, it was a 26 pc. set. I also have two brush sets on their way to me. One is Jessup Rose Gold 15pc. face and eye set. Then I bought a 15pc. Rainbow metallic set coming too. Then I picked up a 30 pc. gift bag of drugstore makeup. Can’t wait to see what they send. I know I will have another makeup set coming with it. Then I have several eyeshadow palettes coming from overseas and those won’t be here until mid November or December. I will have to be patient on those palettes. One is Too Faced-the Kandy Johnson one. Another is UD, and I can’t recall what the other one is. I think it is another Too Faced palette. I will take pics when they come and post them.

The monthly samples and stuff I ordered recently and bought at store I have plans to do makeup looks. I am going to work on doing them on my days off this coming week. I will have to lock myself in my room and do my looks and take pics. If I don’t I will get distracted by running errands with family or my grandson. That is the only reason I am behind on doing things here now. I take my son to his IT school in Westerville and I can’t wait until he gets his license as I won’t have to drive there and hang out. The good thing about it is I get to shop, but that is also a bad thing as I spend more money than I need to each week on makeup or beauty products, unless I behave and hang out at the library or movie theater.

Off to be

Sharing of makeup?

(this was previously wrote about a year ago and went unpublished, posting it now)

First and foremost, there are some things you should do and shouldn’t do. When you are working on different people, you should always use their own mascara wand(buy the mascara wand packs at Amazon or any other place that you can find them for a good deal) and either use a lipstick brush for each of them or a disposable lipstick wand. You can get plenty of coverage with those both, plus easier application. If you are just putting on makeup for yourself and a friend of yours. Either use your own mascara and lipstick or use the disposable wands for your friend. You can use the same eyeliner as long as you are not someone that still puts it on their bottom inner lid. (does anyone do that anymore?) I sure hope not.

I hope all those that are experimenting with or have long used makeup has picked up a decent set of makeup brushes that they love. If not, experiment with a few, Elf has some inexpensive ones, Target, Walmart, and Avon sells two different kinds. If you want me to share my favorite, I can. Trust me for years I used the sponge applicators that came with the eyeshadows and I can only recall and look in ancient photo albums to see what my makeup looked like then. (hey, remember I am an 80’s child, I was born in the 70’s but my teenage years were in the 80’s.) A good or decent set of makeup brushes will make your makeup look all the more better.

Anyways, sharing eyeshadows and blushes are fine. Foundation and concealers are a little harder unless you are both the same skin tone. Bronzers and highlighters can be shared but take into consideration your undertones. Also always remember to start with a lighter application and you can add to it to make it more, but to take it off you usually have to take it all off and start over. Tap the brushes if you feel you put too much on the brush. Some brands get on the brushes easy and others you have to swirl it back and forth several times.

Experiment on each other if you have a close friend and found the shades that look best on you. Remember more natural is great for daytime looks or a bit of color. But if you want a dramatic look you usually save that for night time or glam look. During photo shoots or if taking pics of the looks, sometimes you want to go a bit darker as for some reason you can look paler under the flash of a camera. I have learnt this from experience. If you find a favorite look take a pic of it, save it on your phone and also write down what shades you used on yourself so that you can repeat the look. Nothing is worse then finding a great look and you can’t recall what colors you used for your eyes and cheeks, if you used bronzer to make your cheeks look more defined. Trust me I have done this myself. Frustrating when trying to recreate a look I love.


Now as for makeup brushes, I myself have like 7-8 different sets of makeup brushes. I have some from Avon, ones I ordered online through Amazon and another brand that I found online and ordered directly from their company when I couldn’t find them in the two stores that I wanted. I also have makeup cleaning containers and where I can put my brushes to dry. You must keep your brushes clean for them to last longer or you will be replacing them. Mild soap is best when used to cleaning them. As an aspiring makeup artist one can never have too many makeup brush sets.


Changed my Blog Style

Seeing as I am starting to take my studies more serious and working on makeup looks and collaborations on IG more with friends. I decided to change the styles, as I wanted something fresh and new. Wanted to have more images to use and different ways to write on my blog. Some entries will be short and sweet and others I might be long winded and you are going to wonder if the entry is ever going to end. Trust me it will end, because my fingers will fall asleep.

I am still going with a free version for now and in the future I am sure I might switch to a paid version but for now my budget has to be free. I am paying for monthly beauty subscriptions, for two makeup courses at my school and also stocking my personal makeup and skincare along with my professional kit.

Meanwhile saving for my new professional makeup case and my professional makeup chair that will be able to handle myself and other BBW or BBM. ┬áBecause most MUA chairs can handle like 275, maybe 300 lbs. I have many friends that are larger than that and I don’t want them feeling uncomfortable because my chair won’t hold them. Shoot if I was to buy a normal one, my hips and butt would probably be squeezed like a sardine in it. I have found a few online and plan to order one soon. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in my chair. So all they need to worry about is what shades of eyeshadow they want for their look. (didn’t mean to rant about this, but it ticks me off that the weight limit on these chairs are so low. It makes me see red)

I am going to do my reptile look for a collab tomorrow and I will post some of the pics here, the makeup I used and some during photos and after when the look is complete.


Makeup goings on and creative looks

Been doing a shop my stash with some friends on IG, we are always buying makeup. But we decided we needed to focus on what makeup we have and to load a basket, bin or whatever with all the different types of makeup items we will use to do our makeup for the week or two. Some of us took pictures of the items, others listed them. I took a picture, but after a week I added a few items that I forgot. Plus I had makeup collars to work on, and I couldn’t recall what palette went where so they became part of this weeks shop your stash. I have pics for most of the week and a few I have the items listed. Unfortunately I had busy work week last week and I wasn’t always able to write down the products that I used. But I can pretty much remember what eyeshadow palettes I used those days that I took selfies. (trying to find the photos online, was having trouble with Dropbox and Shoebox.) I might need to download the blog app onto phone again so I can add photos here.

I do have some photos I can share from doing a Caribbean Carnival theme with makeup, it was a makeup collaboration done on IG with a group of ladies. I can share the photos that I took of my look.

I love my blues and greens, its the water baby in me. My highlighter was blinding too when I did that look. That sideways look in the middle has a nice blinding highlighter that gets your attention. I used my Back to Brazil palette from BH Cosmetics and Hypnotic palette from Hush. The metallic blue lipstick is Essence Metal Shock. I thought this was fun and a way to get creative.

What do you think? More creative looks and reviews? Give me some feedback.

Beauty Boxes Galore

I was getting beauty boxes galore last month and this month, plan to review some of my favorites from each place. Tried a new one and we will see how it goes, still waiting for it to be delivered and they best hope it is a good one. Tell me I had to wait for February box when I ordered mid January and then it is mid February and it still hadn’t been sent until I sent a not so nice email to them.

I have stopped a few of my subscriptions as I am not so impressed with one of them much anymore and that is Birchbox. The stuff is alright and sometimes there is a really good one in there, but with what I spend on that I could buy me a $10 beauty product that I really want to try.

I am thinking of putting my subscription on Ipsy, but every time I do that, then I regret it and then I am trying to get my hands on previous months bags from friends. So I am up in the air about whether to stop that one or not. I might wait another month or two and see what they send out.

Now one I know that I am not getting rid of is BoxyCharm, I like their full size products that they send. Now some people get pissy about being on a waitlist, that happens. They are growing faster than they are able to get suppliers to handle their numbers. People don’t see that and they whine like kids who didn’t get picked right away. Then you have others that complain about what they send them, like if you don’t like it then cancel and let someone take your spot. I have heard some people bitch about how many eyeshadow palettes can one person have, well if you are a makeup junkie or a student MUA than you can never have enough and the more the merrier. I for one love trying all the stuff. Some goes into my personal makeup, others to my professional kit and some goes back and forth. Only the powder shadows, highlighters, brushes, and stuff that one is able to sterilize.

Now I tried Bless Box for the first time in January and it had nice stuff in it and all, but I wasn’t ‘t totally bowled over by it. It had a lot of Wen products(3) in it and a few other beauty products that I heard of and have other stuff from. I received a really cute yearly planner and a tea sampler of herbal teas and a nice delicate body wash. Would I have paid for that stuff had I known what was in that box, probably not. But you can’t always be 100% satisfied with everything all the time. I am getting February’s box and I was told it was a really good one, let’s hope so or I will not be getting another and will try that FabFitFun box instead.

I also love the Allure beauty boxes, and haven’t been disappointed with anything from those that I have received. This month’s promises to be good from the sneak peek that I have seen. Lip product, highlighter, mascara(Tarte), and 2-3 other products.

I keep thinking about the Glossybox and the Sephora beauty box. I really wish I could find another one that I want to try out. I will have to do some more research and maybe find one that I have overlooked previously. I know there are loads out there and I want to get my money’s worth and have fun with new products.

Tomorrow is a new highlighter day to try out, new eyeliner, new blush, and a new facial mask as well. Off to bed I go, sleep needs to come fast. Physical therapy and orthopedic doctors appointment tomorrow.

Decluttering your rooms, can improve your drive to get things accomplished

It’s mid-January and freezing here in Ohio, there has been white stuff falling, sleet and rain. If you wait another 10 minutes the sun might even come out and that is all in one days time.

Anyways, with the snow, cold air and harsh wind it is best if you keep up with your skin care and make sure that your skin stays moisturized. I have my daily moisturizers that I use day and night. Another one for anti-aging and to keep the crows feet around my eyes from being really obvious. I have been trying to do 1 to 2 masks a week, one of them hydrating and the other one I change it up and do anti-aging, brightening or detoxing.

With the weather change I also came to realize that I wanted my bedroom moved around and decluttered so I could do more and have more walking space. I threw out old fashion magazines that were more than a year old, torn clothing, shoes that had seen better days and stuff that was ripping or failing apart.

I can honestly say it feels better to have a bigger space and I can find stuff without tripping over old Avon catalogs. I threw them out, there was seven of them. I have plans to buy a few storage plastic bins with lids to store older business stuff and put it on the basement.

If I am going to start writing more in my blog and also start posting more makeup looks each week on my social media platforms than I need to not feel cramped and disorganized. I am also working on my MUA certificate and have plans to use various family members for my assignments along with myself. I might even talk a friend or two into being a face model for my looks that are required.

It’s nice to have things of my in the correct places too, I like to be organized but I have a way of trying to do too many things at once or too close together and things either overlap or things get majorly cluttered fast.

Like right now after this I need to hang up my clothes in the closet, pull out anything that is strictly summer related and box it up. Hang up the rest and mate the socks. (I really really hate mating socks. I usual make my hubby do it.) I then need to put stuff in the fabric bins that I bought and find a home in my room for them as well. I need to tackle the bottom of the closest as it has stuff that I need to throw away or get rid of.

Right now Netflix is calling my name, but I am going to ignore that watch another episode of 90210 the reboot. I know its mindless watching of fiction, but it is nice to relax and watch someone else with problems and cheering them on. Then again my book is calling my name as well, telling me to get off of all the electronics and get back to old fashion reading a book.

So I am kicking myself in the butt and getting off here to get something accomplished today. I am wearing no makeup, but did moisturize. I might do an eye look later, but haven’t decided for sure. I said I would and I plan to try and get that sunset look that I have in mind but didn’t capture yesterday.


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