Did a local Labor Day Festival today

Had fun selling off some of my inventory of Avon that I have collected over the past six months or so. Sold a bunch of little things, mostly all makeup or beauty related. Although had people looking at the jewelry and clothing a bit.

People loved the FREE samples. Everyone loves stuff for free. They went hog wild on the lil lipstick samples. It was all good, I had loads of them. Hopefully this turns a few of them into ordering the full size when they run out. Of course the little kids that got them, it keeps them out of using their mother’s lipsticks for a bit. Wonder how many are going to get washed in the next load of laundry? lol.

I believe I made a few great contacts with some customers and that they will reach out to me with future orders. I was still a bit nervous and forgot to collect names and emails to send them a discount code if they ordered from my e-store or so they can see when we have good deals going on.

I only took one selfie with my grand daughter and was going to take pics of the table set up but I totally blanked on it. I kept fidgeting with the table and moving stuff on and off. I wanted to sit down but was told that I should stand out and invite people in. So need less to say my legs and feet are tired and are like lady get off me and give me some rest. lol.

You would think I would come home and flop down, but nope. Get home run errands in car and clean my bathrooms. Don’t ask what got into me, but all I know is now my bathrooms are cleaner. Guess I can get a GOOD look in the mirror doing my makeup with a clean mirror.

With all that said, I had a cute look today and should have taken a pic before I went to the festival. Because I melted while doing my set up, it was a sticky hot and humid day out. And yes before you ask; I did touch up my makeup. I had to look presentable and not a hot mess. So I did put my face back on and look cute in my lil Avon visor.


Let’s see if I can manage to get that green and metallic eye tomorrow and get some pictures. Fingers crossed that I don’t blank out on this.

Off to bed peeps.

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