I am a Makeup Addict

I will freely admit that I am an addict of makeup. Is there a 12 Step Program for that? I think not and I wouldn’t attend. Why, because to me doing makeup is another form of ART and I have always been an artist in some form of medium. Now it is more with makeup then paints and crafting.

I have always liked makeup and as I have gotten older, it has became more to me. I always like experimenting with eye shades and such. I never listened when they told me that since I had smaller lips that I couldn’t wear darker shades. Damn it some dark shades look kick ass on me. (That’s not just me saying that, but others have complimented me on them.)

I know I have a problem because no matter what store I go into these days, I feel the need to check out the beauty section and head towards the makeup to look at stuff. I did that today when I was at Target, and then we went into Five and Below and I found a handful of things there that I picked up: Set of 5 false lashes(all different and cool), kohl white eyeliner, shimmery gold gel nail polish and another shade for my daughter, a palette of 12 eyeshadows(matte and shimmer) with a brush, and some Not Your Mother Texture Dry Shampoo.

Then I went into Big Lots and looked at their stuff too. I have been on a shimmer lookout and especially for greens, grays and medium to darker blues. I have plenty of other shades. My daughter refused to let me into Ulta after I just bought stuff at Five and Below, she was like mom you just got your makeup fix for the day. I was like but there is sales going on there all this month. But I will go later this week. hehe.

And I didn’t forget. I did do a green shade the other day, but didn’t take a pic of it and it wasn’t as shimmery as I wanted it to be. That is my fault because I woke up late. I suffer from insomnia and then when I generally get to sleep it is a fitful sleep and once my alarm starts going off, my brain then tells me to continue to sleep because I have been waking up all night after it took me forever to fall asleep.

But I do know that I am going to do some pictures of my makeup kit. I am going to take pics of the totes and stuff, then separate it into either companies and take pics or just categories of stuff like, lipsticks, lipliners and glosses, eyeshadows, mascaras and eyeliners, brows, blushes and highlighters, foundation, concealers and contouring, correctors, moisturizers and primers. It will be a series of pics, I have been gathering makeup for over a year, some stuff hasn’t been used but once or twice as it is in shades that I don’t use on myself but for others. I truly need to get another makeup case, as I need one for my makeup and one that is for my professional use.

I did decide to start attending another MUA school online. It was a hard decision to choose, but I narrowed it down and did my research. I left the one, I received an Apprentice Certificate from Robert Jones Beauty Academy and could have completed my Master’s Certificate but I didn’t feel that I should from there. I decided to go with QC Makeup Academy. I am going to start with their Master Makeup Artistry course and then complete Portfolio Development course and Hair Styling Essentials Course. Deciding whether to take Special FX course, but I probably well as special effects makeup does interest me as well.

See I told you I am an addict, and I want to makeup everyone. I want to bring their inner beauty to the outside. I want to do them up fantasy wise so that when they want to look different they can become that person. I want to do kids faces in face paint on fun days, grand kids face makeup on Halloween. I want to do facials and masks, keeping the skin all healthy and glowing too.

Okay off to bed, to get my beauty sleep. Plenty of sleep helps the skin as well. Tell my brain that since it doesn’t like to shut down when it should. I wish I had a shut off button on my brain at night so I could sleep and it would turn on about an hour before I woke. One can dream.

Did you say have a makeup dream, me doing my dream job and traveling to do makeup for photoshoots and shows. Oh yes, let me meet Shemar F. Moore and do a light makeup on him for the cameras and drool. But in my dreams I am not drooling, more like groping. Sorry ladies but I get handsy on men I like. I mean wouldn’t you with him?

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