Starting QC Makeup Academy

I have reviewed and reviewed several online schools for Makeup Artistry. I decided that the one I was attending was not what I needed and was not giving me the instructional knowledge that I needed. Just reading and watching videos, practicing those on your own and then taking a test to see if you remembered all that they told you on the video and move to the next video. I received an Apprentice Certificate and then was taking the masters course which was the same except at the end you sent in total of 14 pics, before and after with eye looks. Then you get a certification certificate. To me this is bull, and I realized I wasted my money on it. The instructor should have been correcting what I was doing with the knowledge I was learning to see if I was applying it correctly and giving me pointers and telling me to try again and do so and so.

Well I left that school with knowing that I learned a lot but need to know for sure that I know what I have learned and that I am doing it correctly. So I researched and researched. There a lot of very good schools out there, each has their own way and price varies. Most want payment in full up front and not all of us can afford to do that. The school I found that was great and had many courses that you can take and even take after the first course that you take is QC Makeup Academy. I am going to take the Masters Makeup Artistry Course and I get a free Makeup Pro Workshop that I get for free (its a special that is running right now). This course comes with 16 pc. Professional Makeup brushes, professional makeup kit(awesome kit), bonus application guide, approximately 14 booklets and 6 dvds, plus I am assigned an instructor/tutor that will review my videos or pictures that I am required to send in for each Unit that I do.

They send feedback back to you in a short time so that you can either correct what you did wrong or they tell you that you did good or whatnot. They always give you some kind of feedback so that you know you are on the right track. After I complete this course I get a very professional looking certificate and can then use MIMP after my name when I start getting business cards or using that when I say that I am a professional MUA (makeup artist) The MIMP stands for Master International Makeup Professional. I will know how to do makeup for bridal, film, theater, television, photo shoots and more.

So I am so excited about starting and officially signing up for this Monday afternoon. I will then be waiting impatiently for my course work and goodies to arrive this week. I truly look forward to this and plan to take their Hair Styling course and Special FX Makeup. They also teach you the things you need to know and do to start your career as well. They take the guess work out of what you are suppose to do to start your career, they are very hands on with you.

Okay off to watch some Hulu or Netflix, so excited and so glad my migraine went away as my head was killing me earlier.

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