Pondering thoughts of a student makeup artist who has a case of the Icks…

I am determined to start blogging at least twice a week. I will admit I have been lazy or should I say side tracked with other things. But the blogging and my studying of makeup go hand in hand. I will be using some of my products that I got in this week from Ipsy, Birchbox and BoxyCharm. I am going to attempt a look with them and some newer products that I have bought recently. I will try to get that one done early this weekend and I also will be doing myself up as a Sea or Water Witch for a club party. I will have David or my grand daughter take some pictures of me once I am finished with it and while doing the look. I have the vision in my head and I hope that I can get the look right.

I had many plans this week to do some looks and unfortunately either had other errands to do and then I came down with something. I am still feeling sore and achy but I hope that tomorrow is better as I want to dig in early and work on some makeup looks.

Currently I am not an Avon Rep at the moment. I have taken a hiatus with it and will possibly pick it back up down the road. For now I am focusing on getting my makeup skills to a higher level and to start doing some FX Special Effects looks too. I have a few in my head that I want to do and want to enter into my schools contest this month. I know my skill levels are not no where near as good as some of the others but I would still like to throw my skills in there to see what other folks think of them.

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