Waiting waiting and waiting

Do you ever want to strangle or stalk the mail person. I order regularly from several places, so it’s not like they haven’t delivered these packages before. I have a Miss A package that was supposed to be delivered on the 5th of June. I kept tracking it and it was out for delivery that day. Then it didn’t come. The next day it says sorry your package is delayed and (please be patient). Then today I try to track it again because I talked to the post person today and he was like I don’t have your package in my vehicle and said it that it was strange too.

So get off tonight and look at the tracking on the package. They put in there that they had tried to deliver package but there wasn’t a secure location. I share a porch with another neighbor and the mail person and USPS or FEDEX they all either put it in the door, or in front of the door and mailbox. They ring the doorbell and leave.

Now someone is always home at my house, especially during the day. They said they left a notice today. No they didn’t because I talked to the USPS person and they didn’t have a package.

So I wrote out a redelivery form, made sure that they address was correct and also put in the comment section, that they did not leave a notice on my door and rewrote the address down for them. Told them to ring the doorbell or knock, that someone is home. To put it in front of the door or mailbox which is right by the door.

I have other packages coming now too. A few subscription boxes but I have been waiting for this one since early this week. Ordered it last week. I know I am inpatient but I get a little peeved when the tracking says a certain date and it is in my city and yet for several days I have not received it.

All I can say is it better be here tomorrow or heads will roll at the post office when I get ahold of them on the phone. Don’t mess with a woman’s makeup, beauty care products and her hard earned money.

Okay now for sleep so tomorrow gets here faster. Night everyone!

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