The Addiction continues…

(this was wrote October the 22, 2017, meant to publish it and had technical difficulties)

As you can see from my Instagram pics I have been busy either buying from local stores or ordering and winning by bids from eBay. I also have received my three membership deluxe samples and full size items from Ipsy, Birchbox and BoxyCharm. I have gotten loads of awesome goodies. Been wearing them to work throughout last week and this week. But I run out of time to take a picture in the morning when the makeup looks fresh. Trust me we don’t want a pick of me after working because I have sweated or wore some of it off. My work is generally really warm and I end up wiping some of it off of my face. Thankfully I remember to take a lipstick or two and reapply it. But I have to make sure that my eyeliner is not making me look like a raccoon or mascara. I get to see if they are really waterproof.

I have received loads of eBay orders this week that I now have July, August, September and a combo of other monthly samples that came with two Ipsy bags too, it was a 26 pc. set. I also have two brush sets on their way to me. One is Jessup Rose Gold 15pc. face and eye set. Then I bought a 15pc. Rainbow metallic set coming too. Then I picked up a 30 pc. gift bag of drugstore makeup. Can’t wait to see what they send. I know I will have another makeup set coming with it. Then I have several eyeshadow palettes coming from overseas and those won’t be here until mid November or December. I will have to be patient on those palettes. One is Too Faced-the Kandy Johnson one. Another is UD, and I can’t recall what the other one is. I think it is another Too Faced palette. I will take pics when they come and post them.

The monthly samples and stuff I ordered recently and bought at store I have plans to do makeup looks. I am going to work on doing them on my days off this coming week. I will have to lock myself in my room and do my looks and take pics. If I don’t I will get distracted by running errands with family or my grandson. That is the only reason I am behind on doing things here now. I take my son to his IT school in Westerville and I can’t wait until he gets his license as I won’t have to drive there and hang out. The good thing about it is I get to shop, but that is also a bad thing as I spend more money than I need to each week on makeup or beauty products, unless I behave and hang out at the library or movie theater.

Off to be

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