Luck changes as fast as a Rainbow disappears…

WP_20141003_002Not often that I catch a rainbow with my camera, this one I almost didn’t catch a few years back. I pulled off the road and took a picture before it disappeared. Before I caught this, it was a double rainbow but the other had faded away before I caught it.

Reason why I decided to post this picture was to remember to take the time to enjoy the basic things in life. Not to look for happiness with the latest and newest items. Be happy with what you have and that you have enough. Remember there are those that have much less than we have.

I am getting ready to do a declutter of stuff, some will go to the thrift stores. But I plan to find a few shelters that I can donate items to as I want to help those that really need these items. Having a nice outfit to wear to an interview can make a drastic change in ones life.

I can remember when I had most of my belongings in a storage unit and was stuffing with friends or family until I was able to find a place years ago. All because I let my apartment go and moved into a house with a best friend and her new hubby only to be kicked out when he decided he wanted to move his friends in and kick me and my family out. Hard lesson learned.

Anyways, I remember being pregnant, jobless and down. I brushed my butt off and went job hunting and didn’t take all the No’s as I would never find a job while pregnant as people to didn’t want to hire someone that would be taking a 6 week break sometime down the road. Someone finally took a chance on me and that made a drastic difference.

I knew even though I was pregnant and looking for a job that I needed to dress business casual while job hunting. I was lucky to have some roomier pieces that helped me with this. I also recalled that others had things worse than me and that when I got on my feet and down the road I would give back to others.

I have tried to do that at least once a  year with decluttering, but other times I do it more than once. I am a softie and I do once a month usually give money to someone I see that is down and out, because you never know when that could be you. I may have never been truly without a roof over my head, but briefly living in a place with no electricity or heat wasn’t much fun in the fall. Plus it was barely a roof over the head, thankfully other family members took us in and we were blessed in that aspect. I know one bad decision can screw up your life and it takes a minute to get back on track.

So remember to slow down, take time for yourself before making major decisions. Weigh the pros and cons. Never make rash decisions when mad. Make a list if needed to help with decision making. Don’t feel guilty to pamper yourself every once in a while. Give yourself a gift for a job well accomplished. Give someone a compliment each day, you will be amazed how good it makes you feel. If you are able, do something small for someone you care about just because or do something big. Its all on you. Enjoy nature and reconnect with the Earth, it is a living and cherish it.

Okay, now off to make a list of what I need to go through to start my decluttering. Books, clothes, makeup, shoes, crafting items. A few bigger items I will put up for sell on FB groups and put that money up into savings. Every little bit helps, hope to take a weekend trip with hubby down the road, a little mini honeymoon even if belated.

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