Declutter Coming Soon

I am doing a major declutter for this upcoming Fall. I am decluttering my craft space, my basement that has random stuff and my excess clothes as well. I am also going to be going through my makeup and decluttering some too. Now I will be possibly giving some to a few friends of mine that appreciate makeup. I know that I have too much and need to give some away, throw a few things away and some unused sell or do a giveaway on my IG, as I have over 2000 followers and am doing the Giveaway to try and get myself up to 2500 or 3000 followers. I have some goodies saved for the giveaway already.

I will take some pictures of each category of my makeup and show you folks what I am getting rid of. I will also take some pics of craft space and what I am donating to Children’s Hospital and what I am selling. I have some paper pack collections that are no longer available and can get some money from them. Plus selling one of my electronic cutting machines and the cartridges.

I plan to donate my extra clothing to a woman’s shelter and family shelter. My grand daughter has some clothes we are going to try and sell to a co-signment shop but what they don’t take will be added to my pile for the shelter. I will probably also add some makeup and beauty products to this as well for the shelter.

I know my hubby and son will be happy as can be if I make room in the basement and our bedroom so we have more floor space and shelve space. Hubby is just mad that there is no room to add more POP collectibles in the room. He is a total geek and loves his Marvel and DC stuff. Ugh, what can I do. He puts up with my collections and I put up with his.

This is just a few pictures of either my collection when I first started, but eat bottom row and the second from the bottom on the right are some shopping hauls. I so need to do this declutter. This pains me with the makeup the most. I love my precious babies. hehe. I am being a smart ass, but it will pain me. I love makeup and shopping.


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