Satisfaction of Clean Brushes

I bought one of those electrical wands with bowl that you stick the brush into the holder, then dip the brush in and out of water, then let it spin for 10 second above water. Let me tell you it does a pretty fab job at cleaning them and it takes less time to wash them and loads of less time to dry them.

Now I still have to clean my beauty blenders and my two sided brushes by hand and that is fine. I am just happy to not take forever to clean my brushes anymore. My oldest grandson Adrain was helping me tonight, he thinks it is fun to clean the brushes and this new machine made it even more fun.

I was hesitant about using this and think that is why I hadn’t used it even though I bought it over a month ago. I was thinking what if it doesn’t clean them, what if the rubber holders don’t fit my brushes correctly and whatnot. I was overthinking it, and I should have tried it earlier to make sure that it worked too. I did remember to put batteries in it when I first got it and knew that the wand at least spun around.

I am so happy and thankful for whoever invented this first one and that they make them from several manufactures and brands. This is a life saver to every MUA out there and to all makeup enthusiast, and every brush hoarder as well.

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