Oh my goodness. I need organization

In this case it is my lack of success with writing my blog. I have been super busy trying to build up my Twitter and especially my Instagram account, which I have been doing good in the past month or so. I have even gotten replies to some You Tube beauty gurus and some up and coming ones. Likes from ones that are big time, one just recently. Gabriel Zamora liked a pic I posted and tagged him in for Ipsy. Then I have gotten likes and replies from Samantha March You Tuber on her You Tube channel and she is an author as well. Vianney Strick and Blondie Brand which are both upcoming You Tubers responded to my post. I got super excited about those, I watch their videos and learn a few things but I also get someone elses opinion about other makeup products before I go out and spend my hard earned money on them. But I hope to get this to be successful enough that it helps others with beauty products and whatnot. (yes I have the notifications on my You Tube profile that I can prove that I am not making up stories about likes and replies) I just wanted to share that some of the You Tubers still care and reply to their viewers they know that it is the viewers that made them popular and got them noticed. Without viewers and people wanting to share the videos You Tubers make and liking and disliking them and leaving comments they wouldn’t be where they are today.

I promised to start writing more often and I have slacked. I need to set up my planner and mark the days that I need to seat my butt down to write my blog. I have plenty to discuss and write about. I could blame it on a lot of things, but honestly it is me letting myself get sidetracked with my family and their things that they need to do. Mom is always to the rescue and whatnot. I don’t mind it for the most part but it does get tiresome when you taxi them around or whatnot. I know one day they won’t need me and I will be bothering them. But I would like it if I didn’t have to do stuff each week that required my off time to be used with doing stuff they need to do. I need to get one his license that would help majorly. The other needs to get her stuff together and not need mom so often. Two of them I wish I could see more often but they have left Ohio, that part makes me sad.

So after I get off here, I am going to do a little bit of my QC Makeup Academy school work. Watch some of the videos required and look some things up. I need to take some pics of family members to use on some assignments for skin tone and such. I need to master visually in my head the color wheel. I know it, but get confused on occasion. With remembering that it will require me to write it down and repeat it. That’s how I memorize, sometimes the things you learned in grade school and middle school still work in real life too.

But after that I plan to pull out my planner and write and circle dates that I am going to post blogs. Not to say that I won’t miss one or whatnot. But I know if I can do more than one a week or at least write and save it for it to be posted by a date than I will be good. I need to also create a You Tube Channel. That is the scary part for me, I need to get my camera ring ordered and stuff from Amazon. I don’t want video’s to look all third rate and whatnot. I know that I am going to stammer and mess up. Thank goodness for editing though.

My thing is deciding what to call my channel. I think I am going to go with what I plan to use on my business cards and professional name as a makeup artist.

Makeup by TJ Snyder

My current last name is Roberson, but that is from a previous marriage. I am currently hand-fasted to my hubby David Snyder. We just need to go down to the court house and get a marriage license and legalize it in our state. So I can then be Tonya Jo Snyder. No one make fun of my middle name either. haha. I grew up being called TJ and then that faded and people called me “T” for years. For some reason when I introduce myself to people they remember my name starts with a “T” but call me Theresa, Tracy, Tammy but never my name and then there are those that call me “Tanya,” and not Tonya and they misspell it with the “A”. This way professional name is simple and easy, plus it flows smoothly.

So off I go and I will be posting something this weekend that is makeup or fashion related. Thinking I might do a review of a few products that I have gotten recently. I have a Black Clay mask and Dr. Jardt product I want to review. That is what I will do, review those, take a few pics and post them for you lovely people. I will also post images on my other links too.

Sorry about the various tangents that I went on, I know that this post is sporadic and I am talking about me needing to post more, You Tube Makeup Guru’s, me creating a You Tube Channel, me posting regularly, and my professional name for myself as a MUA, my married name and soon to be new married name. Plus people not remembering my first name as it is. But I just needed to post and talk, so now off to do a few much needed things this evening.

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