Super Busy, short staffed…

Work has been short staffed and one Server has started Cosmetology school and she changed her hours. I need to get mine changed back, because they think now that I can work any and every shift available. I can’t. If I do what they want; then my health deteriorates and I end up sick or taking time off because I can’t work. Sometimes management forgets that I suffer from sciatica issues, have arthritis in my back, hips, knees and hands, plus I suffer from plantar fasciitis. Plus I have had more health issues pop up this past month and half. They are checking out my gallbladder, it might not be working correctly. So I get to go for testing, and if that is not it I am guessing more testing of sorts to figure it out.
Pain has been so bad some days, I just curl up with a heating pad and watch Netflix or sleep.

I wanted to enter two contest from my school that was doing an Elf look and a Christmas or Winter look and I didn’t get neither done as there were days that I didn’t feel like putting my own makeup on let alone doing a certain look. I seriously have bummed it a lot this past month. I have shopped some when I have been out and found great deals.

I also have gotten all my monthly makeup subscriptions, I have a total of four so far and keep thinking of adding another. Someone showed me a new one that has eyewear with makeup option too. I think I might try it out next month. I love sun glasses. My monthly subscriptions right now are: Ipsy, Allure, BirchBox and BoxyCharm. I love them all, but out of them all I might let Birchbox go and sign up for another. Going to give it another month and see what they do next month. Boxycharm is great because you get full size products and not samples or deluxe samples. It is a bit more expensive but not a whole lot and it well worth it.

I even received an Influenster VoxBox late last month and I am wrapping up the things to do to earn the badges as well. I hope I get picked for a beauty care, makeup, or hair care on them. I got a variety box this past time.

I am still planning to do the Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion: its a pore perfecting exfoliator that is good for all skin types. The second thing I am going to use is by Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Facial Sheet Mask: clarifying, purifying and toning mask. I am going to use these tomorrow night after I get down with my day and sit down to relax.

So off to bed now, as I worked a long shift today and my body feels it and I have to get up early and open later today as it is already after midnight. Ugh, the life of an insomniac as well. My body is hitting that shut down mode.

So with my loads of subscription boxes I can test new products out that I haven’t had a chance to try and I can tell you if I plan to buy the full size ones of them. Or I can tell you if their a waste of money. Just know that these are just my opinions only.

Night fellow beauty addicts. Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


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