My review on feel Brilliant Sheet Mask

It is Brilliant-Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask. Boy that is a mouthful to say. Okay I received this in my last Ipsy bag, they sent me two of them. I have only used one so far.

I opened the package last night and the mask is black and is rather fun to try and unfold. It is slippery and with it being black it is hard to see which way unfolded where. After about three minutes or so of unfolding without ripping it, I got it unfolded and ready to put on my face.

Now before I placed it on my face I took a look at the ingredients and it had one of the things I tend to break out with in it. I took the chance and was like if this starts to make my face itchy and whatnot I will clean it off and use a scrub to cleanse my face thoroughly.

So I gently put it on my face and got it into the correct position and molded it to my face, then proceeded to watch a half hour Netflix show for the duration of it being on my face. I also set the timer on my phone to make sure that I didn’t leave it on too long.

I was lucky that whatever amount of propylene glycol that it had in it, wasn’t enough to bother my face at all. I was able to keep the mask on for the 30 minutes that the packaged says.

After the timer went off I took the mask off and rubbed the remaining serum into my face. “The mask is suppose to deeply purify and detoxify pores. Remove oil, reduce blemishes and clear clogged pores. Hyaluronic acid to tone the skin.”

I took a pic of me with the mask and then looked at my face afterwards. My nose pores and on my cheeks did look smaller to me. My face all day today has felt softer and smooth. I didn’t use my daily moisturizer and it was a no makeup day for me. I was off and wasn’t doing anything other than studying and possibly rearranging my bedroom. (the bedroom isn’t getting rearranged yet, but laundry is getting done.)

Let’s see if I can download these pics on me in mask. Wish me luck it is a new app service, fingers crossed.


Okay it worked. Please don’t mind the stained hair band on my head. I use that when dying hair at times and also with makeup applications in the past and it being white it gets stained. Next time I am getting a black one.

The mask stayed cool and refreshing on me. You know how some get a bit warm and make the skin red a bit, this was cool and soothing. I will be using the second one next week and will update you more. I will post a before pic with no makeup and an after the mask pic. So we can see if there is a difference. I will also take a pic of myself tonight to compare too as well.

Hope you enjoyed the review and I will be doing another with two cleansers I got from Ulta a few weeks ago.

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