My Monthly Beauty Boxes of 2017

Some of the monthly beauty subscriptions that I am in 2017:

Ipsy: 5 deluxe samples of makeup, skin care, hair or nail polish and makeup brushes, they tailor it to what you tell them about yourself in your profile and what brand of products you are interested in as well, all for $10 a month and a free makeup bag. (I was a subscriber for over a year and cancelled for three months and then came back, I got the lost months on eBay and paid a bit more but I was happy with the goodies from each one. I had missed them and was mad that I missed out on some good stuff)

BirchBox: 5-7 deluxe samples for $10 a month as well. You can tailor your box by picking one sample, let them surprise you, or choose a curated box at the end of the month for next months box. Comes in a cool box that you can reuse for gift giving or whatnot.

Allure: is $15 a month and I also subscribed to their magazine as well. But they give you 5 deluxe samples and occasionally pick out a bonus item for you as a surprise. I have gotten two monthly boxes and a bonus one as my free blush and tote I guess was sold out from when I signed up. Which was above and beyond. I was totally grateful for the goodies.

I was suppose to get a bonus free gift from Allure and they were out of stock, so they sent me one of their premium limited edition boxes that they sell for like $40-45 and I got it free because they didn’t have my free gifts for signing up. It had a full size Nars Dual-Intensity Blush in Adoration, along with deluxe samples of Charlotte Tilbury Kohl Pencil, Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream SPF 40, Clarins Multi-Active Jour-anti-aging cream, St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse, Fragrance Lock Setting Spray, and Clinique All about Eye Cream, Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream, and last but not least Julep Konjac Face Sponge.

BoxyCharm: is only $21 a month and you receive 4-5 full size products a month. It is usually always 5 products and the total in retail price is like $120-$165 worth of makeup. I like getting the variety from the different places. Plus with me being a student MUA, what I can’t use or don’t like to use, or wrong shades I put in my professional makeup kit for my clients.

Walmart Beauty Box: that is once every three months and is only $5 every three months. You get random items usually from the Health and Beauty aid department. You can receive a nice variety of goodies from them. I thought I had a picture of the stuff they sent but I can’t find it. I know that I liked it all or I would have cancelled it.

I am thinking of joining GlossyBox or Sephora Play, but I also was sent a DM on IG and there is this cool place that does monthly subscription with eyewear(sunglasses and such)along with a few makeup items for $19.99 a month, or sunglasses and jewelry, or his and her eyewear, or just like double eyewear for those that love sunglasses and such. I plan to sign up in January and see what the first two boxes are like and decide if I want to stay with them. They want me to promote their monthly subscription. I believe I might if they have good stuff.

Now as for my favorite, I can’t say as of now. I mean for the bang for your buck BoxyCharm is awesome. Allure sends you the top pick items from their current year and they are usually middle to high end, but even the drug store brands that are picked are awesome too. I like that Ipsy you get a new makeup bag each month. Birchbox sends you a lot of hair and skin care stuff. They are all great in their own ways.


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