Decluttering your rooms, can improve your drive to get things accomplished

It’s mid-January and freezing here in Ohio, there has been white stuff falling, sleet and rain. If you wait another 10 minutes the sun might even come out and that is all in one days time.

Anyways, with the snow, cold air and harsh wind it is best if you keep up with your skin care and make sure that your skin stays moisturized. I have my daily moisturizers that I use day and night. Another one for anti-aging and to keep the crows feet around my eyes from being really obvious. I have been trying to do 1 to 2 masks a week, one of them hydrating and the other one I change it up and do anti-aging, brightening or detoxing.

With the weather change I also came to realize that I wanted my bedroom moved around and decluttered so I could do more and have more walking space. I threw out old fashion magazines that were more than a year old, torn clothing, shoes that had seen better days and stuff that was ripping or failing apart.

I can honestly say it feels better to have a bigger space and I can find stuff without tripping over old Avon catalogs. I threw them out, there was seven of them. I have plans to buy a few storage plastic bins with lids to store older business stuff and put it on the basement.

If I am going to start writing more in my blog and also start posting more makeup looks each week on my social media platforms than I need to not feel cramped and disorganized. I am also working on my MUA certificate and have plans to use various family members for my assignments along with myself. I might even talk a friend or two into being a face model for my looks that are required.

It’s nice to have things of my in the correct places too, I like to be organized but I have a way of trying to do too many things at once or too close together and things either overlap or things get majorly cluttered fast.

Like right now after this I need to hang up my clothes in the closet, pull out anything that is strictly summer related and box it up. Hang up the rest and mate the socks. (I really really hate mating socks. I usual make my hubby do it.) I then need to put stuff in the fabric bins that I bought and find a home in my room for them as well. I need to tackle the bottom of the closest as it has stuff that I need to throw away or get rid of.

Right now Netflix is calling my name, but I am going to ignore that watch another episode of 90210 the reboot. I know its mindless watching of fiction, but it is nice to relax and watch someone else with problems and cheering them on. Then again my book is calling my name as well, telling me to get off of all the electronics and get back to old fashion reading a book.

So I am kicking myself in the butt and getting off here to get something accomplished today. I am wearing no makeup, but did moisturize. I might do an eye look later, but haven’t decided for sure. I said I would and I plan to try and get that sunset look that I have in mind but didn’t capture yesterday.


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