Beauty Boxes Galore

I was getting beauty boxes galore last month and this month, plan to review some of my favorites from each place. Tried a new one and we will see how it goes, still waiting for it to be delivered and they best hope it is a good one. Tell me I had to wait for February box when I ordered mid January and then it is mid February and it still hadn’t been sent until I sent a not so nice email to them.

I have stopped a few of my subscriptions as I am not so impressed with one of them much anymore and that is Birchbox. The stuff is alright and sometimes there is a really good one in there, but with what I spend on that I could buy me a $10 beauty product that I really want to try.

I am thinking of putting my subscription on Ipsy, but every time I do that, then I regret it and then I am trying to get my hands on previous months bags from friends. So I am up in the air about whether to stop that one or not. I might wait another month or two and see what they send out.

Now one I know that I am not getting rid of is BoxyCharm, I like their full size products that they send. Now some people get pissy about being on a waitlist, that happens. They are growing faster than they are able to get suppliers to handle their numbers. People don’t see that and they whine like kids who didn’t get picked right away. Then you have others that complain about what they send them, like if you don’t like it then cancel and let someone take your spot. I have heard some people bitch about how many eyeshadow palettes can one person have, well if you are a makeup junkie or a student MUA than you can never have enough and the more the merrier. I for one love trying all the stuff. Some goes into my personal makeup, others to my professional kit and some goes back and forth. Only the powder shadows, highlighters, brushes, and stuff that one is able to sterilize.

Now I tried Bless Box for the first time in January and it had nice stuff in it and all, but I wasn’t ‘t totally bowled over by it. It had a lot of Wen products(3) in it and a few other beauty products that I heard of and have other stuff from. I received a really cute yearly planner and a tea sampler of herbal teas and a nice delicate body wash. Would I have paid for that stuff had I known what was in that box, probably not. But you can’t always be 100% satisfied with everything all the time. I am getting February’s box and I was told it was a really good one, let’s hope so or I will not be getting another and will try that FabFitFun box instead.

I also love the Allure beauty boxes, and haven’t been disappointed with anything from those that I have received. This month’s promises to be good from the sneak peek that I have seen. Lip product, highlighter, mascara(Tarte), and 2-3 other products.

I keep thinking about the Glossybox and the Sephora beauty box. I really wish I could find another one that I want to try out. I will have to do some more research and maybe find one that I have overlooked previously. I know there are loads out there and I want to get my money’s worth and have fun with new products.

Tomorrow is a new highlighter day to try out, new eyeliner, new blush, and a new facial mask as well. Off to bed I go, sleep needs to come fast. Physical therapy and orthopedic doctors appointment tomorrow.

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  1. I tried Birchbox again, received two boxes and the stuff was okay but wasn’t overly impressed again. Plus I received some of the same stuff I did the first time. I was receiving Sol-Theory for several months and then cancelled it and went to it’s sister site of Yesohyas and I have gotten only one box from them but loved it. Sol-theory and Yesohyas had basically the same stuff but Sol had jewelry and sunglasses options. I prefer to stay with the beauty boxes. I can buy my sunglasses through Shop Miss A.


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