Makeup goings on and creative looks

Been doing a shop my stash with some friends on IG, we are always buying makeup. But we decided we needed to focus on what makeup we have and to load a basket, bin or whatever with all the different types of makeup items we will use to do our makeup for the week or two. Some of us took pictures of the items, others listed them. I took a picture, but after a week I added a few items that I forgot. Plus I had makeup collars to work on, and I couldn’t recall what palette went where so they became part of this weeks shop your stash. I have pics for most of the week and a few I have the items listed. Unfortunately I had busy work week last week and I wasn’t always able to write down the products that I used. But I can pretty much remember what eyeshadow palettes I used those days that I took selfies. (trying to find the photos online, was having trouble with Dropbox and Shoebox.) I might need to download the blog app onto phone again so I can add photos here.

I do have some photos I can share from doing a Caribbean Carnival theme with makeup, it was a makeup collaboration done on IG with a group of ladies. I can share the photos that I took of my look.

I love my blues and greens, its the water baby in me. My highlighter was blinding too when I did that look. That sideways look in the middle has a nice blinding highlighter that gets your attention. I used my Back to Brazil palette from BH Cosmetics and Hypnotic palette from Hush. The metallic blue lipstick is Essence Metal Shock. I thought this was fun and a way to get creative.

What do you think? More creative looks and reviews? Give me some feedback.

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