Changed my Blog Style

Seeing as I am starting to take my studies more serious and working on makeup looks and collaborations on IG more with friends. I decided to change the styles, as I wanted something fresh and new. Wanted to have more images to use and different ways to write on my blog. Some entries will be short and sweet and others I might be long winded and you are going to wonder if the entry is ever going to end. Trust me it will end, because my fingers will fall asleep.

I am still going with a free version for now and in the future I am sure I might switch to a paid version but for now my budget has to be free. I am paying for monthly beauty subscriptions, for two makeup courses at my school and also stocking my personal makeup and skincare along with my professional kit.

Meanwhile saving for my new professional makeup case and my professional makeup chair that will be able to handle myself and other BBW or BBM.  Because most MUA chairs can handle like 275, maybe 300 lbs. I have many friends that are larger than that and I don’t want them feeling uncomfortable because my chair won’t hold them. Shoot if I was to buy a normal one, my hips and butt would probably be squeezed like a sardine in it. I have found a few online and plan to order one soon. I want everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed in my chair. So all they need to worry about is what shades of eyeshadow they want for their look. (didn’t mean to rant about this, but it ticks me off that the weight limit on these chairs are so low. It makes me see red)

I am going to do my reptile look for a collab tomorrow and I will post some of the pics here, the makeup I used and some during photos and after when the look is complete.


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