Sharing of makeup?

(this was previously wrote about a year ago and went unpublished, posting it now)

First and foremost, there are some things you should do and shouldn’t do. When you are working on different people, you should always use their own mascara wand(buy the mascara wand packs at Amazon or any other place that you can find them for a good deal) and either use a lipstick brush for each of them or a disposable lipstick wand. You can get plenty of coverage with those both, plus easier application. If you are just putting on makeup for yourself and a friend of yours. Either use your own mascara and lipstick or use the disposable wands for your friend. You can use the same eyeliner as long as you are not someone that still puts it on their bottom inner lid. (does anyone do that anymore?) I sure hope not.

I hope all those that are experimenting with or have long used makeup has picked up a decent set of makeup brushes that they love. If not, experiment with a few, Elf has some inexpensive ones, Target, Walmart, and Avon sells two different kinds. If you want me to share my favorite, I can. Trust me for years I used the sponge applicators that came with the eyeshadows and I can only recall and look in ancient photo albums to see what my makeup looked like then. (hey, remember I am an 80’s child, I was born in the 70’s but my teenage years were in the 80’s.) A good or decent set of makeup brushes will make your makeup look all the more better.

Anyways, sharing eyeshadows and blushes are fine. Foundation and concealers are a little harder unless you are both the same skin tone. Bronzers and highlighters can be shared but take into consideration your undertones. Also always remember to start with a lighter application and you can add to it to make it more, but to take it off you usually have to take it all off and start over. Tap the brushes if you feel you put too much on the brush. Some brands get on the brushes easy and others you have to swirl it back and forth several times.

Experiment on each other if you have a close friend and found the shades that look best on you. Remember more natural is great for daytime looks or a bit of color. But if you want a dramatic look you usually save that for night time or glam look. During photo shoots or if taking pics of the looks, sometimes you want to go a bit darker as for some reason you can look paler under the flash of a camera. I have learnt this from experience. If you find a favorite look take a pic of it, save it on your phone and also write down what shades you used on yourself so that you can repeat the look. Nothing is worse then finding a great look and you can’t recall what colors you used for your eyes and cheeks, if you used bronzer to make your cheeks look more defined. Trust me I have done this myself. Frustrating when trying to recreate a look I love.


Now as for makeup brushes, I myself have like 7-8 different sets of makeup brushes. I have some from Avon, ones I ordered online through Amazon and another brand that I found online and ordered directly from their company when I couldn’t find them in the two stores that I wanted. I also have makeup cleaning containers and where I can put my brushes to dry. You must keep your brushes clean for them to last longer or you will be replacing them. Mild soap is best when used to cleaning them. As an aspiring makeup artist one can never have too many makeup brush sets.


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